Brand Milestones


In 2022, we introduced QUAQ MESH, an industry-leading mesh coil solution. It's featured in top disposable vape brands like ELFBAR and LOST MARY, including BC5000 Ultra, Pi7000, OS5000, QM600, and more.

Innovation in Our Spirit

QUAQ’s drive for relentless innovation stems from the essence within its name – the quark. We all know quarks, fundamental constituents that make up all matters. They have not been directly observed, but we can never ignore their existence. Just like the role technologies play in our daily lives, they are intangible, but bring changes that benefit us all. This is the very logic and spirit behind the naming of our combo solution, for vaping products.

Rooted in User Experience

"Know your customers and what they want, utilize cutting-edge technology and consistently question whether there is a better approach." -- Technology Lead, Team QUAQ, Sam Fu

At QUAQ, we prioritize and listen to customer needs, focusing on every detail to achieve perfection. But we don't limit ourselves to existing shortcuts; instead, we continually strive for advancement. That's why QUAQ consistently breaks new ground.

Gathering Industry Experts

QUAQ is proud to have an R&D team with diverse backgrounds, both career and academic wise. As of October, over 120 R&D personnel teamed up to develop QUAQ solutions.