A Disposable Atomiser Masterpiece

An Ultimate Mouthfeel Experience

QUAQ MESH — by far the most advanced mesh coil solution available that turbocharges an immersive flavour-burst mouthfeel.

A Strong Burst of Flavours

QUAQ MESH formulates a bionic honeycomb structure with innovative hydrophilic surface. A high electro-thermal conversion efficiency is brought about by optimising heat conduction.

0.1s instant
Bionic honeycomb

High Consistency to Last Puff

QUAQ MESH offers a pure and fresh flavour from the first puff all the way to the last, with a wire width tolerance precisely controlled within ± 3µm, thanks to a nanoscale etching process implemented. In addition, its smoother surface reduces carbon deposition by 30%.

Ultra-smooth Vapour Clouds

The e-liquid supply rate is precisely controlled to match the temperature zone through a combination of thermal simulation and temperature measurement — improving aerosol particle size fineness and bringing an ultra-smooth taste.

Median aerosol particle size:

0.76µm by QUAQ MESH (2 µm by regular cotton coil)

* Data from QUAQ Lab

Excellent Flavour Reproduction

QUAQ MESH betters its thermal conduction and distribution to present intense aerosol particles in the best possible performance when reproducing flavours.

220°C - 270°C

optimal atomising temperature

8-10 mg/2s

Total particulate matter (TPM)