Industry's 1st Atomising Power Integration

A Pioneer in Automation Shift

QUAQ CELL heralds an industry-wide shift to automation and brings R&D on a more sustainable track by integrating battery and PCBA in a modular design, thus automating manufacturing processes and facilitating disassembly for battery recycling.

*PCBA: printed circuit board assembly

*R&D: research and development

A True Innovator of Vaping Industry

QUAQ CELL revolutionarily integrates battery into PCBA to form an efficient power module — paving the way for full automation in manufacturing.

Modular product design

Consistent product quality

Automated disassembly & recycling

A Booster for Ultimate Aerosol Performance

With no wire loss, QUAQ CELL enhances aerosol production on same-voltage level, and releases denser vapours that fully enable users to immerse themselves in senses.

TPM (Total Particulate Matter):
9-11 mg/2s (up 20%)

A Guarantor of Consistent Freshness

QUAQ CELL flows a consistent output without voltage drops, ensuring a pure and smooth vaping experience from the first puff to the last.

An Evangelist for Peace of Mind

Each QUAQ CELL is rigorously tested and features a structural reinforcement, guaranteeing exceptional thermal stability and durability under arduous circumstances.

Integrated structure brings thermal stability